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Art Matters

After a decade of success, the Art Matters Festival continues its excellence in artistic expression. The festival aims to become a national celebration, showcasing the future of Canadian art from the City of Montreal.

Art Matters is one-of-a-kind in Canada - it's entirely organized by students for students. The festival features emerging student artists and performers at numerous galleries and venues throughout the city. Stay tuned for the next Art Matters dates!

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers FFAR courses conceived and structured primarily or exclusively for non-Fine Arts students. The full selection of these courses changes from year to year; the current list is given below. None of these courses has pre-requisites, and none assumes any specialized background knowledge on the part of students.

Other courses in the departments of Contemporary Dance (DANC), Music (EAMT, MUSI, MHIS, MPER) and Theatre (PROD, THEA, TPER) are also open to non-Fine Arts students. Please consult the online Class Schedule for more information.

Online Art History (ARTH) courses offered through eConcordia may also be taken by non-Fine Arts students.



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